Inside the Jon Reis Photography studio. Jon Reis Photography is a full service all digital photo studio offering studio portraits, wedding photography, scanning, photo restoration, image retouching service, and professional custom printing services in our state of the art digital darkroom. 

Jon's Biography

I graduated from college with a yearning to tell stories with pictures.  I worked for a decade in the 70’s and 80’s for a variety of newspapers and magazines before launching my studio in Ithaca, New York in 1982.  Since then, I have become well known to provide a wide range of photographic services to consumer and commercial clients in Central New York.  I continue to peruse my personal vision and use my expertise to provide illustration solutions to my clients in editorial, architectural, aerial, and industrial markets.


Kent Diebolt — Partner,  Vertical Access, LLC.:

We first hired Jon Reis in 1996 to shoot us at work high up in the Guastavino vaults at Saint Thomas Church, on Fifth Avenue, in New York City. The job was technical, requiring strobe lights in remote areas of a very dark church. Jon provided a number of images from that project that we still use in presentations and marketing, including one that ran in the New York Times. Jon has shot approximately 15 other projects for us, and as I like to say, "he always gets the shot". His patient demeanor and artistic eye coupled with an uncanny ability to show both detail and context has never let us down.(read more)

Jeremiah Donovan —  Ceramic Artist:

Jon Reis has been photographing my ceramic work for almost 20 years. His mastery of lighting and composition is unparalleled. I continue to gain great respect for his keen eye and the deliberate careful way he creates images.(read more)

Jolene Simmons — Retouching Customer:

I extend my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful job Amy Porter did at Jon Reis Photography in transforming our family's historic military documents into heirloom treasures! The outcome of Amy Porter's artful recreations of the fragile, worn documents was truly amazing and impressive! You exceeded my expectations. Needless to say, the professionalism, care and quality has won me over as lifetime customer!(read more)

JB Swann — MCCI Corp:

Jon Reis has composed beautiful product shots for MCCI for many years. The staff goes out of their way to accomodate our Electro Static Device (ESD) concerns and our sometimes - tight schedules. From the shoot itself to the post processing, we depend on their expertise.(read more)

Mark Adams — Institute for Community College Development:

I've engaged Jon Reis Photography for projects ranging from VIP portraiture to major Cornell University events, and whitnessed his work on countless weddings and community affairs. He is that rare photographer who combines supreme artistry with a warm, human touch that sets his subjects at ease and never fails to elicit striking and memorable images. Jon reis doesn't just take pictures; he creates genuine, timeless treasures.(read more)

John Hinchcliff — Miller Mayer:

Jon is prompt, professional, and imaginative. He turned what could have been a dull "firm photo" shoot into a fun experience, with an end result that works surprisingly well.(read more)